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The cost of office supplies can add up for organizations large and small. Finding ways to obtain more affordable office supplies flow down directly to a company’s bottom line and it is in the interest of a company to try to reduce these costs to whatever extent possible. While not every one of these options are available to every company, examining these options for discounted Office Supplies is worthwhile as office supplies are regularly purchased by companies.

Select on Vendor and Get Discounted Pricing

Employees shouldn’t be spending a lot of time choosing which vendor to buy office supplies from each time they need to order paper or paper clips. A company should designate one company to purchase from and should have a pre-negotiated rate with the vendor. By setting up this sort of relationship with an office supplies vendor you can reduce the work needed to obtain discounts and to help to ensure a preferential rate on your purchases. Further, a company can benefit from the loyalty programs offered by the vendors of office supplies which can add up to significant savings over time.

Centralizing Purchase Powers

Companies should limit the individuals who are able to buy office supplies. By centralizing the purchasing process under the oversight of one person, a company can reduce the number of excess supplies that are purchased. For certain forms of office supplies, an organization can use purchase order requisition forms to have purchases preapproved, which can lower their frequency and lead to long-term savings.

Buying in Bulk

Some offices can benefit from buying office supplies in bulk. By doing so, you can obtain preferential pricing and have significant savings. While you may not want to load up on some buy items, many forms of office supplies like paper, pens, and small items, can all be easily stored without taking up too much space.