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How to Save on Office Supplies


If you own or run an office, one of your biggest expenses after personnel will be office supplies. Depending on the size of your office, it can easily cost thousands of dollars a month just for office supplies. To help keep your costs down, you need to follow some of these tips.

Buy in bulk

You often will get discounts from office suppliers the more you buy, which means you can save money if you stock up on the things you need with big purchases all at once. Things that don't really have a shelf life, such as paper, tape and others, are good candidates for bulk purchases.

Reuse what you can

It's very tempting in an office to treat things as disposable, which often means items get discarded well before their usefulness is gone. You can save money on office supplies by encouraging reuse. For example, you can ensure pens are collected from employees when they leave and returned to the supply room. Waste copier paper can be repurposed into notepads.

Encourage conservation

Another way to save on office supplies is to encourage conservation. Train employees to print items in black and while except when color is required, such as for a client presentation. Encourage people to rely on digital documents and not print at all except when absolutely necessary.

Allow remote working

One way to use fewer office supplies and save money is to have fewer people in the work place. If you encourage teleworking, the people working from home are likely to use their own supplies because it will be more convenient. That will mean that fewer things in the work place get used, which in turn will save you money on supplies.

These are just a few ideas for saving money on Office Supplies. You can come up with several more.