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Ways to Cut Down on Office Supply Costs


Ways to cut down on office supply costs

Any office needs a variety of office supplies, from pens and notebooks, to staplers, to copy paper. Though individual office supplies don't cost that much, they cumulatively can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month to a business's operating costs. Here are some ways to cut down on office supply costs.


Reuse paper

If you work in an office, you've probably seen the box or bin of used paper next to the copier. This is usually from people who have mistakenly printed something they don't need or from copies that didn't come out the way they were intended. Reusing this paper can save money. The paper can be repurposed as scratch paper or turned into notepads for people to use.


Restrict ways to supplies

When you work in an office, the temptation often is too great to just grab a few pens or markers or a couple of notebooks to take home to use for school supplies or some other purpose. It's not that workers are dishonest, they just don't see the problem with taking a few items for personal use. Those items can add up, which is why restricting office supplies can save money. Keep them in a locked room or closet, and limit ways only to supervisors or certain employees.


Go paperless

One way to save on Office Supplies is to go paperless whenever possible. It's impossible to eliminate all paper from an office, but you can cut down a lot on the paper you use by restricting the printing of documents and other items to only those that absolutely need to be printed. One way to do this is to require employees to enter a code or password when printing, which allows you to track who is printing what and how often